Carbon Capture Using Just Tap Water

No Chemicals or Amines Needed

Why Carbon Capture technology?

New, Innovative and Low cost CO2 production at customers site.

The Carbon Capture technology is an environmentally friendly water scrubbing process, based on CO2-to-water physical absorption phenomenon. The absorption process takes place in vertical, low pressure, ambient temperature gas purification reactors requiring no additional regeneration energy, e.g. steam or heat regeneration. Continuous process involves no toxic chemicals, offering premium Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) compliance.

The innovative, patented Carbon Capture -technology and process design results in effective and cost-efficient CO2 production, with optimal capital expenditure (CAPEX) and low operating expenses (OPEX). The modular, container built Co2-plant is self-contained and easy to connect and adapt to any existing process and environment.

Carbon Capture – Process is suitable for flue gases with 5-90 % of CO2-content

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Introducing Carbon Capture Technology

The Carbon Capture technology is an environmentally friendly water scrubbing process, based on CO2-to-water physical absorption phenomenon.

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Unlock the potential of your industrial processes with our innovative Carbon Capture Test Container.

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With our proven, cost-efficient, and sustainable solutions, you can contribute to a cleaner planet while achieving significant returns on your investment.

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Clean and environment friendly process.

Carbon Capture technology uses water as the only solvent, no needing water adding in the process and eliminating the need for chemicals or hazardous components, making it a safe and eco-friendly solution for carbon capture. This clean approach ensures minimal environmental impact while providing effective CO2 capture.

Patented and proven process technology.

Carbon Capture patents across a globe within different applications, showcasing our innovative and reliable carbon capture technology. Our solutions are thoroughly tested and validated, ensuring top performance and compliance with industry standards.

Competitive and Cost-efficient technology.

Carbon Capture technology is highly cost-efficient for CO2 capture. It’s a most cost-efficient process than any other carbon capture technology (CO2 capture cost even 10 €/t).

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